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The Playbooks

Everything you need to know

Time effective and cost effective, the range of playbooks cultivates a growth mindset and self awareness within your people - to build a collaborative, emotionally intelligent workforce.

Playbooks are a set of three 45 minute virtual workshops. The workshops are stand alone, so people in your team can attend one or all of the workshops - and will not be disadvantaged (if for operational reasons) they cannot attend one or another.

Our team will work with you to tailor specific examples within the playbooks, so as to engage and foster relevant discussion.

Participants will walk away with real life tools that they will be able to apply in the workplace (and life in general) straight away.


Communications Basics

Effective Conversations

Challenging Conversations

Building Relationships




Emotional Intelligence

Simple Strategies

Self Awareness

A Change Mindset


Effective Relationships

Growing From Experience

Simple Strategies

Well Being

Self Care

Filling Your Cup


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